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BaaS Banks

Becoming a sponsor bank is a great way to build new revenue streams for the bank!


Banking As A Service is a complex process to build your program and test and monitor your fintech and digital asset customers. Having the processes and ability to scale your fintech relationships are critical. We help you establish your program and build the controls nesscary to manage third and forth party systemic risk.

Build solid scalable processes !

Banking As A Service (BaaS) Support Services

BSA, AML (OFAC) Risk & Compliance Framework

Portfolio Risk Assessments

Standardized Fintech Reporting Framework

Fintech & Digital Asset  Business Model Validation

Improved Regulatory Surety

Fintech Suspicious Activity Data Collection

Monitoring & Testing
Support Services

Portfolio Risk Dashboards

Third & Fourth Party Provider Risk Assessments

Faster Payments

In the race to capture the opportunities with various forms of Faster Payments (RTP & FedNow) our services have been designed and built to help fill the gaps in resources and knowledge as you build and manage the business side of the bank. 

Scale the Fintech Sponsor Program 

We are the Sponsor's Bank solution to scaling their fintech portfolio and sponsorship business.

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