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Office Hours

Office hours have been created to help you get quick answers to your questions. So many times, especially as a Entrepreneur or practice Practitioner you have this burning question that needs an answer.


Only if you had an expert to help you at least point you in the right direction without having to pay huge fees.

Now you do and it's Free! 

Open Office Hours are conducted once a month. It is an open Zoom meeting for all to join. You can just listen in or bring the one burning question you have been looking for an answer. NOTE: This session is general in nature so please appreciate our response may not be extremally specific due to the complexity of the finance service industry and time constraints.


Monthly Fintech - Bank Sponsorship Session

We conduct a Open Office session monthly specifically on the topic of "Acquiring a Banking Sponsorship". If you are looking to add payments to your product or want to know more how to prepare your corporation to embedded finance or what to better understand how compliance is actually the best way to build trust with your bank. 


Monthly Bank Sponsor - Fintech Vendor Mgt

We conduct a Open Office session monthly specifically on the topic of "Banking: Fintech Vendor Management". If you are a Sponsor Bank, growing your fintech partnership program, trying to scale you risk management program or need better visibility into how well your fintech partners are managing their regulatory compliance. 

Let's Work Together

We are dedicated to helping to be the best in your field and building tools and services that help us all protect the industry we love so much!

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