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Who We Are ...

Our staff  is a collection of experts in our field that have had extremally successful careers in the Financial Services industry. We are both entrepreneurs and regulators coming together to help provide guidance on how to navigate the thin line between regulation and fintech innovation.


We have helped build some of the largest names in fintech and banking, launched thousands of payment programs the industry has seen in the past 20 years. Truly a lifetime of experiences and knowledge assembled to help you navigate the complex and regulated industry of banking and payments.

Business Meeting

A story about failing over 400 hundred times! 

The mother of innovation

An ancient Chinese proverb says 'failure is the mother of success'. Every failure is a chance to learn and grow; to gain insights from what doesn't go right and carry this knowledge forward to build future successes.

As the founder and CEO of my last fintech, a community bank real time payment processor, we struggled with the subjectiveness and length of the onboarding process for fintechs and businesses.

In addition, new entrepreneurs seldom understand how to be prepared to work with a bank and really don't have the patients or time to build a compliance operational rigger when they are still trying to find product market fit. 

Experiencing this pain first hand is why we created BalancedTrust! An organization designed to help entrepreneurs, fintechs and sponsor banks come together under a joint mission to build, innovative, compliant financial products!

The Mission

You can't appreciate how much we know until you understand how much we care!

Our Mission is to build better trust and confidence between businesses and banks, providing an environment where innovation and regulation meet to build better financial products and services, helping consumers improve their financial lives.

Trust is at the cornerstone of what we do!

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