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Helping solve worthly problems at the intersection of banking & technology providers

Bank sponsorship

Our customers consists of Federal and State chartered banks that provide Banking As A Service (BaaS) services, providing Faster Payments, RTP®, FedNow, ACH, Wire and other Banking services to Fintechs & Digital Asset firms.


We help you navigate the complex confusing process of acquiring a Bank sponsorship for your embedded payments services or Fintech.

Pay Bills

Payment strategy & planning

Collaboration between Banks and FinTechs is evolving, forging Fintech Partnerships through Banking As A Service (BaaS), driven by the rise of digital ecosystems, regulatory changes and increasing customer adoption. Platform-based business models are emerging with very little financial commitment, providing a seamless digital experience from technological advancements available today. The larger question is who should you work with? 

Fintech program management

Creating, implementing and managing your program is much easier with a dedicated banking partner that has the experience and subject matter expertise on your side. Our banking partnerships are built around solid values, a long history of success and our client first vision. 

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Process engineering 

Faster payments are actually a series of different payment methods like Same Day ACH, Wires or Virtual Checks that settle faster than the traditional Next Day ACH. Many of these types of transactions are typically used in conjunction with other forms of financial services or tenure types to create a user experience. 

These payment functions all need to align well with the company's internal workflows and audible processes. In many cases, the new payment types will require changes in many of those workflow processes. TimeIs has the skills and knowledge how to guide each department and your key personnel through this reengineering effort without largely impacting their day job.

We are Bankers, Fintech, Compliance, Legal & Regulatory Industry Professionals working together on worthy problems with significant impact on our financial services industry.

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