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We help SaaS FinTechs & Enterprise owned Banks with the complexity of payments and money movement so they can reduce over 70% of their cost of payments.


Our clients have taken advantage of over 30 years of banking and real-time payments experience to establish effective, scalable and compliant financial products using our Balanced Compliance Framework ℠.

Real-Time payments

Real-Time Payments are a specific type of payment transaction that clear and settle near instantaneously. The immediacy and certainty of an Real-Time Payment transaction coupled with the transactions are not disputable, effectively making the transaction guaranteed. Simply said, it puts money in your pocket, no delays and at a fraction of the cost of traditional payment methods. TimeIs shows you how to enable this process helping you navigate the ocean of providers all claiming their service is the best.

digital engagement

With U.S. smartphone ownership at higher than 80%, adding digital engagement to your solutions is critical to improving both the quality and frequency of customer interactions. Allow us to provide some insights and guidance to your team and enhance your digital engagement strategies by embedding the payment process inline with your work processes. 

fintech & bank strategy

Collaboration between Banks and FinTechs is evolving, TimeIs helps forge Fintech Partnerships through Banking as a Service, driven by the rise of digital ecosystems, regulatory changes and increasing customer adoption. Platform-based business models are emerging with very little financial commitment, providing a seamless digital experience from technological advancements available today. The larger question is who should you work with and who should you not?

compliance framework

Evaluate your business competitive stance and revenue opportunities in the market by adding faster-payments. TimeIs helps you review your current workflows and your regulated payment workflows to ensure they are following procedure best practices helping to meet compliance & engineering best practices. In addition, how you work with third-party technology providers matters and your responsibility around regulatory compliance. 

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