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Balanced Trust© 

BalancedTrust© is a organizational membership dedicated to building trust between businesses and banking organizations. We support the growing ecosystem of companies in the middle to help provide compliance guardrails and help insure they are able to grow and scale in a regulatory compliant way. 

Weekly Office Hours

With membership we conduce Weekly Office Hours as part of the membership. Office hours are the prefect time to bring your open questions or just want to explore an idea. 

Referral Network

Over the years we are developed a healthy network of Investors, Executives, Practitioners. Help us understand who you are looking for and we can make an introduction. 

Flow of Funds

As part of your membership, we will formally diagram your flow of funds at no additional cost, which you need for compliance documentation and extended due diligence with the bank

Compliance Portal - Coming Soon

Centrally storing and managing your policies, controls and evidence collect are key to being prepared for any audit.  We are building the best Compliance portal available on the market to help you manage the entire department from one central application. 

Podcast Interviews

As part of our Podcast series, you as a Practitioner, Fintech Founder, Bank Sponsor and even Regulators that want to share thoughts or an idea on how we can do better as a industry, gain market visibility or just to share insights, as a member you can sign up to be part of our show and share your thoughts with the audience. 

Compliance Trust Score

As a benefit of membership, your organization will receive a free compliance assessment of your framework and structure and provide you a industry rating and point out areas you can improve, before your auditors do. 

Reporting Database

We have created a Compliance Reporting Database Schema  with the basic data required to start monitoring and managing your processes and validate you are producing the evidence you require.

Policy Templates

Know you need an AML or KYC policy but just don't know how and where to start?  We have the best option for you. We are created professional templates that have been used in the wild and meet regulatory requirements, it just needs your touch to align it with your process and procedures.

Building Fintech Compliance "How to Guide"

As a startup there are so many things you need to keep up with but when when you just don't know what you don't know, it can seem  daunting. The How to Guide helps provide direction to get started.

Liability Insurance

As part of your membership with BalanceTrust©, we help you protect your assets and most importantly your liability. We are working with Insurance providers to help you protect the company with source liability coverage. 


Members have access to a series of various training modules. Everything from Compliance 101 to details on how to best create your OFAC & Sanitations controls to reduce the number of false positives. We are always adding new content to best help you be the best compliance professional possible. 

Compliance Newsletter

Today, it seems everyone has a newsletter and in most cases the newsletter is really a personal opinion or Blog. Our compliance newsletter is custom curated every week to provide you with latest risk & compliance changes that are material  you and your company. 

It takes a village to grow a Fintech

Hi my name is Travis Dulaney, Managing Partner of Timeis


I'm happy that after 24 years in the payments and banking space, I'm in position to give back to an industry that has given me so much.  In a Regulated but forever changing industry, we are a partner to help you keep up with the back office stuff while you build the next unicorn!

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