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Complete Company Profile

Once we have received your request, we will reach out to schedule our initial interview so that we can gain an appreciation of how the funds will flow through your processes and what procedures you have in place to help protect you customers. 


Expert Regulator Reviews Program

Once your interview is complete our expert staff will review your risk and compliance rigger and procedures to provide you with an initial assessment of your compliance efforts based on your business model and market.


Receive Compliance Score

Upon completion of your assessment, we will apply our Compliance Score rating and send you the assessment and how we complied the rating provided.


Review Opportunities for Improvement 

As part of our assessment, we provide you with areas within your process and procedures where improvement is necessary to pass third party audits. Allowing you to plan and know your gaps before the auditor arrives.


Receive Diagramed Flow of Funds

As part of our service we will also provide you with a Flow of Funds diagram helping better illustrate your compliance processes with your sponsor bank and regulator.

Let the experts evaluate your compliance Program against the new Standards and have all the Confidence in the world during your next audit!

Let's Get Started

Thank you for your submission!
The evaluation process will take about a week, soon after you will receive your new compliance score. 
Thanks again!
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